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Just having a Facebook discussion with someone I know and someone they know but I don't went to my profile where there's very little info except that I'm a nurse, and used this to make a personal attack upon me professionally! I have removed myself from the conversation as I won't deal with low level shit heads!

Josephine 7 Aug 7

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Gave up on Facebook a few months ago... best thing I ever did


I consider nursing to be one of the most honorable professions.

I live in a mind-numbing, face-palming state that largely supports Trump. In this part of the world, the streets are filled with shit heads.


How does one attack a nurse?? I heart nurses!


You should definitely hang out with us high level shitheads.


Uh oh. Make a record of that in case it escalates.


ah good ole trolls nothing to say but will say it as obnoxiously as their intelligence allows

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