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I'm sure this will bring the people I'm talking about out of the woodwork but I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed in this site. I assumed (and you know what happens when you assume) that people who had seen the light regarding religion were of the intelligent lot. This site has its share of crazies which leads me to believe that they didnt just decide there is no god or religion is b.s., god disappointed them in some way and they are just mad at god or religion. I've had a woman tell me that I should have been shot for saying hello to a woman I walked past in my neighborhood park, today someone was railing about the problems with circumcision and demanded that someone study it's safety (because it's a totally new issue πŸ™‚ ), I've been called a troll for explaining my experience with the assisted suicide issue, one guy actually threatened to kill me because of one of my comments suggesting a fix to the U.S. immigration problem, and of course there are those trumpers here who just have a new god and either believe everything he says or are guilty of willful blindness which is just as bad. At a minimum, you'd think the hangers on who gullibly believe in every other snake oil salesman or conspiracy theory out there would at least be civil and follow the site guidelines. A modicum of intelligence would allow someone to disagree with them. Part of the site's purpose is to promote open debate. Sadly not everyone gets the message...

lerlo 8 Aug 7

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Assholes !!! Assholes everywhere !!!


I hope whoever is holding the gun to your head lets you leave.

Nice. Thanks for making my point


"crazy" knows no bounds in life in general @lerlo neither formal education nor intelligence and/or intellect will guarantee rational thinking, dignified behaviour or common sense. it is the human condition.


Don't assume everyone here is fully agnostic or atheist. If I was moving away from religion, sites like this would attract me.
There are different stages you go through when debriefing yourself from being beholden to doctrine. You become angry and militant in your views then you mellow out. Then you realise religious belief isn't the only doctrine your ming absorbed unwittingly.
Attack ideology not people is the trick. If they get offended when you confront their dearly held views/ ideology and they get personal, just write them off as a dickhead; the world is full of them.

Well as I said, my disappointment was in hoping to have a found a rational place.

@lerlo plenty of rational dickheads around. We can all be dickheads at times, some just seem to make a career out of it πŸ˜‰


For the most part I find people here are respectful, but it is a mixed bag. Some people are very opinionated on certain subjects, and some people are just opinionated, period! I think the system is very good at weeding out the trolls. But there are good and bad everywhere.


I've not run into anything nearly that bad on this site.

may you not, and get to enjoy it all


I do think it pays to have a bit of a thick skin here sometimes, and not take things too personally. Of course there may be extreme cases. Take the rough with the smooth here, is my motto. Damned if I can find a community of broadly like-minded 'souls' in the so-called real world. If people get a bit snarky sometimes, assume they're having a bad day. I have 'em myself.


All of that happened on this site? Damn. lol


i feel your pain my dude


That's what the block buttons for. Use it liberally. I know it may be hard to believe but there are some women on this site that aren't in love with me yet. Crazy world we live in huh?
I hear those guys over in astronomy are pretty smart.


I think that you made the right presumption that intelligent, critical people might forego religion but now you know that people come with a variety of opinions without regard to the aforementioned intellectual presence and within any population you are going to have a variety of people unless it is restricted further. The way that this app/website also is a date app can attract people that are not interested in intellectual pursuit.


People are always going to be just that, people.
When you start expecting them to behave better, for any reason, you should start preparing yourself to be bitterly disappointed, because they're going to start behaving even worse.

There are no "better angels of our nature". Lincoln, sadly, was completely wrong.

Sorry for your disappointment.


Just because something has been around a long time doesn't make it acceptable and just because someone doesn't agree with you on everything doesn't make them unintelligent.
Have you ever heard the saying "if you meet a jerk in the morning, he's probably an asshole but if you meet jerks all day, you may be the jerk"? Frankly, if you don't like us, there's the door?

Thanks for proving my point

@lerlo your point isn't proven by this post. Simply said, "there's the door, use it or stick around" it's your choice. Also, people who say it's sad are usually condensending of others.


I’ve blocked some trolls. Sorry you’ve had bad experiences, for the most part I’ve found good people on the site. I hope you’ll give it a little more time and find people you connect with

The majority of folks on here are pretty great.


The human species is comprised of all types. What would cause one to think that any group of human beings would not tend to reflect the whole to some degree? And it should be noted that intelligence has little or nothing to do with it. There are genuine PhD toting scientists (in the hard sciences) who believe in the Young Earth BS of the fundamentalist Dead-Jew-On-A-Stick crowd. I've had colleagues who consulted their horoscopes daily and made important decisions based on the position of this planet or that star. Intelligent folks, one and all.

Although I don't accept woo in any form, I live in the real world of here and now and am aware of how it works. I fuss at them when it seems appropriate, otherwise I just laugh inwardly and move along to something of more interest.


I'm having a good time...

that's why we're here πŸ™‚


Very well spoken! It’s a pity that we can’t have political discussions anymore without histerics getting in the way.



I've preached this a lot today for whatever reason. Atheism does not require intelligence. I could copy and paste this from another post, but the only thing atheists have in common is a lack of belief in a god or gods. That's it. You shouldn't expect anything here except other people who don't believe in god.

So yes, if you're surprised, blame your own assumption that atheism requires a higher intelligence, or the assumption that all atheists would have the same or incredibly similar worldviews.

thanks for reading my assumption comment πŸ™‚ I should have known this was all my fault ...

@lerlo Maybe it seemed like I was being super critical, but let me say this too: I fully agree with most of the things you stated. I wish all atheists would apply their critical thinking toward religion to everything else, too.

Or your assumption that your views are the only correct ones.

@JustLynnie yes, exactly.

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