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I have read several profiles on the site and found out that people who admit not believing in God somehow have hesitations about other gods which sounds rather strange. I wonder if someone could explain that ambiguity.

Lonely 6 Sep 17

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If by 'other gods' you symbolically mean other ideologies requiring faith for membership we REALLY do share closely aligning perspectives.

This goes directly to my primary lament about many others who are atheist. They escape one kind of institution that exists for the purpose of compromising their intellectual birthright only to cling to this or that 'ism' as a follower/believer just as blind and fearful of independence as any back-woods Christian Fundamentalist snake handler. Political ideologies, in particular, differ little from their theological cousins. No gods? No pie in the sky? No faith-based participation? No f financial support? (also tax deductible) No 'spreading the gospel? (propaganda)

Those (and mysticism) are the other gods to me.

@Lonely o.k., that fits with the mysticism mentioned at the end. I suspected that you might have meant that or also meant it.


I don't understand the ambiguity, either. What I have observed is that many people haven't carried the critical thinking process all the way through. If one supernatural thing is absurd, then all are absurd. That includes astrology, numerology, fairies, gnomes, luck, fate, goblins, and the entire menagerie in the supernatural circus.

I suspect that some of these folks are more disturbed by the dogmas of religion and not the foundation of religion, thus they are able to believe in other nonsense that doesn't carry the same dogmatic burden.


not sure of your point


I think it is just that most people are not familiar with other religions or gods well enough to talk about them with any kind of authority or definitive statements. Combine that with peopel wantign to be polite and there you have it.


I'm sure there are plenty of people here who believe as you do and probably many more like myself who don't?

SamL Level 7 Oct 11, 2017

I am uncertain as to existence or non-existence of 'any' god, but am open to verifiable evidence either way; This is why I consider myself agnostic.


I'm a 50% believer simply because I'm not sure or have not the confidence to decide on what to believe. I'm 62 years old now, born and raised in a very religious environment of all sorts... Maybe that's a reason for my confused state.
I don't belong to any religious church/group for the past half of my life because of my searching and choosing the perfect religious group for me to belong to though my search always gives me a negative answer.
Which always brings me to the point of challenging my self to decide on what to believe and I know that I have to believe in something - even in myself alone!
I've always called myself a fence sitter.
I'm a slow learner and stubborn most of the time.
Though I always tell others that there's nothing wrong in being intelligent.
I don't even know if what I'm telling you is of any sense.
Most people would like to hang on to something, like me grasping at straws.
I was never satisfied with answers whenever I ask "why did God created us?"

contact me when you die...or maybe live each day as if were your last. and if your last comes...become a tree, or star stuff.
be happy

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