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What's a movie that you liked but we're ultimately disappointed in because of very high expectations due to so much "buzz"?

Just finished The Shape Of Water. It was good, but I didn't like it as much as other Guillermo del Toro films. After hearing so much about it I was ultimately disappointed.

towkneed 7 Aug 9

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I was disappointed in The Incredibles 2. Absolutely loved the first one, and when I heard they were finally doing a sequel I was so psyched. Maybe I went in with high hopes because of that, because even though it was visually stunning, I found the storyline, well, boring.


The Muppets Movie. Not as much depth as l thought there would be.


I was incredibly disappointed with Ender's Game. If there was ever a book that needed the 3 movie treatment (a-la the Hobbit) it is Ender's Game (and its parallel novel Ender's Shadow), but no, if your name wasn't Ender you got zero character development.

Although I don't know how much actual buzz was surrounding the movie, but I had been excited for it.


A Fish Called Wanda. I suspect that the hype had increased so much, and so many of the "funny bits" had been aired as commercials, clips, etc....that by the time I saw the movie, all I really added were the bulk of the unfunny bits.



I'm a sucker for Robin Hood so when I heard a big-budget twist on the tale with Maximus at the lead was coming I was stoked.

It was, you know, if viewed with no expectations ... not the worst film ever.

I felt personally attacked though.


I know it's all in one's particular taste, but I view this as one of the best movies I've seen. No, I couldn't identify or even really be sympathetic to, the human/aquatic romance angle. But the storyline was whimsical and insightful in dealing with our human foibles and follies. The acting was excellent. The whole flavor and feel of the film was deliberately and meticulously engineered...the colors, the music...all combine to give it it's personality.
I've watched it a few times now. I still like it and will watch it again. I wasn't aware of the hype...maybe that helped, as I came into it with no expectations.

I thought it was ok. But I had heard it was the director's best movie. And I love del Toro. At the end I was thinking, "is that all?". It's sweet and cute, but I was expecting something profound, like Pan's Labyrinth.

@towkneed And see I could never get into Pan's. Guess I'll have to try again...


Same here. Pan's Labyrinth is my favorite movie and I was rather underwhelmed by The Shape of Water.



Lots of them!


black panther

Right? Corny. Badly written...I could go on...


Inception - I fell asleep.


The Star Wars prequels were utterly disappointing. 3 movies about a petulant boy, also the midiclorians were forgotten and replaced in 20 movie years by an unknown, all powerful effect? WTF?

Mee-sa think George Lucas just wants-a the monies, yup yup youbetcha.

@geist171 Those prequels were work of Disney after Lucas sold them the franchise.

@MacTavish I mean Disney's been involved with the franchise since at least the early 90's. MGM studios had a whole star wars attraction. I was really big into the extended universe novels in middle school and then George Lucas kind of...'this is mine so I can overwrite anything you've done and it ceases to be canon.' He completely revised Boba Fett's entire canon backstory, and I think he overwrote some information that had existed in the EU canon pre-New Hope. At least that's how I remember it. I was under the impression the part-and-parcel transfer of the intellectual property didn't happen until right around/right after Force Awakens. And if you're right, it's one more reason for me to dislike Disney. Those prequels broke my heart.

The prequels were a terrible disappointment. They had such potential with the Darth Vader origin story and they blew it. From what I understand, that was just around the time that the use of CGI exploded and Lucas was all excited about playing with this new "toy" -- so, as dazzling as they look, it was all at the expense of character development, dialogue, plot, and story.


When I first saw it, it really bothered me when Bambi's mother was shot and killed. But I have worked my way through it and now feel a lot better.

Holy spoiler alert, Batman!

@misternatureboy Ahh, sorry about that chief.

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