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I wrote this in response to those that ask me "what if science is wrong?
Most of the religious feel they are right in their faith whatever it happens to be, strength in numbers comfort in the flock etc. but would do well to remember this: In the past the vast majority of humans believed in the following, 1.The Earth is flat. 2. It is centre of the universe 3. Everything rotates around the flat slab magically suspended in space. 4. All the gods lived above the clouds in vast families. Plus many other equally ridiculous fictions which science has proven to be false… Science has also given us every single technology and appliance we now use daily, without a clue how it works or what the strange force electricity is. Many of the religious feel it is OK to deny or cherry-pick science in a similar way they cherry-pick the bible, well it’s not OK, if you deny science, you should not be able to use any of the fruits of it, become a Swartzentruber Amish or return to the stone-age but stop being a hypocrite… So if you still persist in saying science got it wrong you must stop using the computer and the internet or you will go to atheist hell…

RichieO 8 Aug 12

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Science occasionally comes up with the wrong answer. That doesn't mean that science is wrong.

Science often gets things wrong, but it is ready to admit and correct it, it is constantly refining... Whereas religions only change dogma when the flock starts drifting away...


I think we need science and spirituality. I definitely think we should dump the Judeo-Christian patriarchal god and go for something more like Buddhism. Maybe use Buddhism to wean us away from religion and just think on a cosmic level instead of focusing on salvation. I see my society hurting because it has abandoned the old beliefs and left stumbling around in the dark. I think they are stumbling around in the dark looking for meaning but no new meaning has been articulated yet that has the authority religion used to have.

I feel spirituality is built into us due to the fact we are connected genetically to every life form on Earth and everything on Earth is made from star stuff, so we really are part of and connected to the universe, but that feeling is misinterpreted by many as religious... Just my opinion...

@RichieO Maybe it's all about meaning. We've become quite focused on material life and I think lack meaning for things that are not 'of this world'. The complication is that the cosmos isn't really metaphysical unless we see it that way, imbued with a spirit. But spirit or no spirit, we still need to find meaning in it.

@brentan, To be honest, I never became hung up on giving or seeking meaning to anything in particular, some things are what they are and do not require meaning but I have always tried to understand everything better, I do not always succeed but I do try...I firmly believe that how you think is more important than what you think, which is why I embraced critical thinking, as it tends to change what you think... Try not to over think and keep an open mind, but not so open your brain falls out...


Science change is without end as new facts become available to better explain the unknown. Facts improve science however religion lacks any facts to prove it's existence.

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