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So this is typically a female thing to do. But, how meny men here have gotten a manicure/ pedicure? I know all the stereotypes. "Real men don't get manicures. What, are you gay?" Sexual orientation has nothing to do with having this done. It's more of a maintenance thing. Many of us guys work with our hands and are on our feet all day in steel toe work boots. ✋ present. So it's nice to have someone do a professional job on those hard working hands and feet. It feels good too. (Mostly) there may be some discomfort if they need to dig for that ingrown toenail. But the worse thing for me is when they take that scrub brush to the bottom of my feet. They have to practically strap my legs down to keep me from jerking it back. ( very ticklish) And guys. You want to impress a lady? Take them to go get a mani/pedi and have one with them. Yeah, can be a little spendy. Typically $35-$50 depending on the salon. But just think of it this way. She may thank you for it later and pay you back ten fold. ???

Spag84 6 Aug 12

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I get a pedicure about twice a year. I am of an age at which it is very difficult for me to trim my toe nails.


I got a manicure once to see what it was like. They filed my fingernails too thin and they kept cracking. I suppose it would be different with nail polish, but that'd look funny on a guy.

Sounds like you went to a unreputable salon. You don't have to get nail polish. But I did get my toe nails done with electric blue polish once. Really did something for my GF at the time. Great sex that night.


I would rather spend $25 on something I really like and want besides I have been cutting and filing my nails for 79 years and never had a comment about them.

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