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It's hard to describe the feeling you get when you hear catholics and evangelicals having a debate.

AbramH85 6 Aug 12

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A feeling of nauseating mirth would be close, although it's difficult to imagine being bored enough to want to listen...


The general reaction I have to any internicene debate like that is to yawn. It's incredibly boring to hear them argue doctrine. I generally avoid Christian fora like the plague for this reason. There's one under Religion and Spirituality (same level as Atheism and Agnosticism) on city-data that I dip into once in a great while out of sheer boredom and to remind myself what I used to put up with. Because it's not moderated by dogmatists or even particularly religious people, it's also a good reminder of the incredible variety of fringe beliefs, even amongst fundamentalists. Those kinds of forums tend to attract fringe elements because they can argue on what, for them, is a relatively level playing field. So you have fundamentalists into universal reconciliation, and other odd combinations, each of them convinced that they've finally found a platform to lay out their unassailable arguments that no one else has thought of, for getting Christianity finally "right".

Never ceases to amaze. But ... ultimately, a great big yawn.

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