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So, I helped my significant other out today by driving one of his vehicles while he dropped another off to be repaired. I drive a 2000 and 8?9? Buick. It's a hot mess. His vehicle is beautiful. I felt nervous driving it. When we reached our destination he said "when was the last time you drove a car this nice?" I am not sure why that felt like a dagger to the heart. I don't think he meant it to be hurtful. I guess I felt a bit bad. He knows why I drive that vehicle. It's not that I don't want a car like his. I simply can't keep my family afloat yet and pay a car loan. It stings a bit what he said.

Iamkratom 7 Aug 13

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If you have a car that goes, and stops - you're way ahead of so many people.
No point comparing yours to others .


seems more thoughtless than mean unless there are other examples that leave you feeling this way probably wasnt meant to hurt


Hope the comment's not a pattern on his part


As long as your car is safe and reliable, why worry? We have fallen in love with our modes of transportation when all they really are for is to get you from one place to another. Loan free is the way to be. No need to feel bad.


Thoughtless comment on his part. If he is usually not like that I would let it go. But if he is, call him out on it. You are doing what you can for your family!

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