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I was just informed I am now Level 6.0. I believe that means I get a key to the executive washroom and can pick whatever I want from the office fridge with impunity.

Otterpop 6 Aug 13

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Someone lied to you...those are level 7 perks! Post on baby!!! πŸ˜€


You may have a cup of tea from the office if you have reached level 6.

So what's your choice..Barry's or Lyons?


Damn. I am still at the level of being only able to,use the kettle alternate Thursday's. And I still have to wash up all your cups. Oh to be a 6.......?

Tilia Level 7 Aug 13, 2018

It's a combination lock...with sixteen numbers.


Hate to break the news, but that’s a cruel canard!


You got a great deal- well done!


But they don't tell you where the washroom or the fridge is until level 8.

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