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Naked me –
Naked me – facial bandages were removed yesterday. I’m ok just an occasional twinge. I got my bike back from the fire depart and it was not a brake issue. The only thing wrong was a flat front tire. My helmet had a few rough places and multiple breaks but not noticeable unless you looked. The visor was broken, though. Our local doctor said, during this time there are a lot of bike accidents (we are the bike island – a bit of propaganda

A friend drew a picture of me trying to fly. I also got the Rumi saying in my mailbox.
He also said a lot of bikers come in that weren't wearing a helmet. I think I will put mine by the street with a sign that says "helmets save lives (it saved mine). Don't be foolish, wear a helmet!"
JackPedigo 9 Aug 14

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What a great video - it certainly reflects why you enjoy doing this. Granted, without the repercussions you suffered this year. Ugh, how awful! Best wishes for some quick and pain-free healing.


Wow, Jack, you're still looking rough. I hope you're not in much pain. You're so fortunate you didn't break a hip. That can be a death sentence for senior citizens. I agree helmets do save lives and it likely saved yours. I enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing and updating us.

Victoria, Thanks for the comment. Tell me! Most of us inherited a small frame from our mother and my L hip and lower spine are low on density. Nothing broken! I have been told that my eyes are out of round (the cause of myopia -visual not mental) and there might be a concern for retinal tear (which is fixable). That is where I landed but nothing happened.
I forgot but did mention that for several hours that day (1st time ever) phone and internet services went out (the problem was tracked to the mainland). I had apparently attracted a` crowd and no one knew what to do (tourists). A couple came by who recognized me and went to the fire station just over a mile away. All the people on the video I know and Gary, Becky are also trustees in the historical society with me. I constantly discover new, impressive aspects of this place even after 7 tears of living here. Glad you watched.

@JackPedigo Of all times to lose internet services. Lopez is beautiful.

@VictoriaNotes Things did work, in the end. Considering our dependence on submarine cables we have relatively few power outages. The local power company has started erecting large solar arrays on other less inhabted islands for a community power project. []
It is and I am happy I was able to find this place. People have practcally been begging to help in my situation. Yesterday I had surgery and will lose use of most of my left hand for a while.


The video was fun. Face shot is ouch!! The drawing is a riot and glad you're injuries are not any worse than they are.


Ouch ! Hope there's no permanent damage .

So far nothing except some scaring.


Wow it looks really bad, hope you heal up soon.

Thank you, me too. I see this as adding a little more to my "character."


I was an avid biker. A friend of mine was test riding a new bicycle a few years back. During the test ride he was clipped by an auto. He regained consciousness in the ambulance. Besides a severe concussion, he lost all sense of smell, and therefore all sense of taste. To this taste he cannot smell or taste anything.

It does look bad but, seems to be only superficial (except the torn ligament) I know I was lucky and it cou;d have been worse.


fcking ouch man

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