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Gay tales, stories about being a father of a gay son.

He was a Freshman in High school. It took my son months and months to come out to me. He had a plan. He was planning on telling me when I was physically exhausted so I wouldn't have the strength to beat him. Really that was his plan. So that spring he decided we should take up tennis figuring running his old man around for an hour or so should slow me down a bit. I would like to point out his old man was in much better shape than he was so all he really did was exhaust himself to the point he couldn't run away. So right after one of the tennis sessions, he's all nervous, but he blurts it out "Dad I'm gay". My response a very disappointing to him "I thought you might be." He was actually very disappointed in my response and complained "What, that's it." He had just spent the last 4 months playing tennis, and he hates physical activity, and that is all I can say, "I though so". He complained to me about all the planning and anxiety. My reaction was very anticlimactic.

So what let me to suspect he was gay, mind you that is suspect, not actually act on or accuse or even discuss. I normally let things play out, I figure his sexuality is something I don't want to influence and for that matter didn't really ever what to even discuss. He from the very beginning got along with girls so much better than boys. His brother pretty well hung exclusively with boys doing stupid boy stuff until the last year of high school, only then did an occasional girl pop into his orbit. The gay son nothing but girls his whole youth. Again, not enough to act on or even question, just enough that his sudden reveal wasn't anything revolutionary.

His mother however did enough crying, yelling, blaming for the both of us. The son and I would calmly discussing the stages of grief even as the mother was tirading at him. She was so caught up in the yelling that we could literally discuss how she was acting and she never took a break from her mission to notice that we we discussing something. It took a few months, with several remissions along the way but she eventually got through all the stages and to acceptance.

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