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Sad, but true

empirical 6 Aug 19

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Makes me realise what a carefree youth I had back in the ‘old days’

I only had to practice jumping under my desk for nuclear bomb drills and fire drills.

@xyz123 Where was that?

@Marionville in the 60's in Chicago Ill.

@xyz123 Really, you had nuclear drills in Chicago! I suppose it was the time of the Cuban crisis.

@xyz123 Yeah, me too. Interestingly enough, it was only in grade school and middle school tht we had those drills. I high school (Torrance High, Torrance California) I don't remember any fire drills or other drills.


And some geniuses want more guns in schools. wtaf


Sad, indeed.


And yet the New Mexico guy training 11 kids to execute school shootings was cut loose by a judge. Not only his own son remains were found in the premises, all 11 kids were living there like animals in complete disregard (again, if we can believe everything the news tell us). If that is not enough for a judge to help the cause of school shootings then what is?

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