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No disrespect intended but either it's real or fake? Why did God allow these people coming in his name to sexually assault these boys and girls.Why not strike them down or burst them into flames like the demons they are. I asked my twin brother who just completed his thesis to complete his Masters degree in Theology , no response yet.

Gatman11 4 Aug 19

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If you break this down critically what do we get.

  1. God allowing something- this means there was a proscription on activity that god can sanction or not. Therefore everything is God’s fault through dereliction of duty as, but this is just hearsay, he is omniscient, therefore knows who will do what.

  2. Why not strike them down- that would imply some sort of schizophrenic god who sanctioned behaviour and then criminalised it in the same breath which implies inconsistency and therefore not consistent with omniscience.

  3. Your brother’s Theology degree - Theology cannot answer this question because it must always consider the framing of the Biblical source for the Abrahamic god. There is no biblical precedent that can give a critical response, therefore the answer lies outside of that training stream.


God seems to take an entirely different perspective on the relationship between young people and clergy:

Later, Elisha left there to go up to Bethel, and as he was traveling along the road, some insignificant young men came from the city and started mocking him. They told him, "Get on up, baldy! Get on up, baldy!" He looked behind him, took note of the young men, and cursed them in the name of the LORD. Suddenly two female bears emerged from the woods and mauled forty-two of the young men. 2 Kings 2:23, 24.

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