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The Pope Francis mythology that he is somehow "different" is hogwash. He has allowed the perp priests, cardinals and bishops to keep playing three-card monte, shifting the criminals around and hiding them. He is just like the old guy, and the old guy before that. This galling, illegal garbage must be put to a stop by American law enforcement. Stop tiptoeing around churches, officer/detective. Arrest these bums and throw 'em in jail. Here's the article from the New York Times.


skye724 7 Aug 19

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So much for being infallible he is just a man making common mistakes of a very severe nature.If he knew about the crimes and did nothing he is just as guilty as the one who did the crime.

Agreed. I am tired of all the talk about the Pope's "new" attitudes. He is very good at PR, and smiling. When he gets off his ass and makes a difference, I'll be impressed.

I do not want to defend the Pope, but just for the record: He is not infallible, and he does not claim to be so. That is a popular myth.

@Matias O
ne which
I was taught in catholic school and is still taught that in matters that concern the church he is considered infalliable.

@Marine He is only "infallible" when he decides to speak "ex cathedra". Since 1870, when this dogma was announced, he only spoke once (!) ex cathedra: 1950 in his encyclica "Munificentissimus Deus" in which he proclaimed the Assumption of Mary to heaven.
In all other cases, the word of the Pope is very important in the Church, but it is NOT considered to be "infallible"
see: []

@Matias That is what I was saying but iforgot the work and I was not able to look it uo.Thanks


I'd say despite hi short comings, Pope Francis is still a very noticeable improvement over his predecessors. That doe s not mean there isn't room for much greater improvement still though....


It is time to call all religions out on this, and the Roman Catholic Church should be the first . A fish rots from the head down, the present Pope and all his predecessors have known, condoned and covered up the crimes committed by their clergy for decades, probably even centuries. I can’t believe this just started in the middle of the twentieth century. When will governments, not just in the USA but in all the other countries where there is an overwhelming weight of evidence, start to bring prosecutions againt the institution and not just a few priests here and there. The perpetrators were not just shielded but moved around from diocese to diocese and then to a different State or County, then shipped overseas to another country. This is a colossal conspiracy perpetrated by the church across all borders and countries and it is a disgrace that governments have not taken action,

The problem is that law enforcement views these people as "religious." The Catholic church is a corporation, taking money from people and pumping those funds back into the corporation at its word headquarters. This is corporate crime against children. The stupid idea that God is involved is such a great cover for theft and child abuse on a world scale.

@skye724 Yes can’t agree more....all governments get nervous around religions, this idea that they have special status protects them......blasphemy laws for instance are a complete anachronism. The first duty of any government should be protection of its citizens, and especially its children.


Yes, only secular law can stop them. The Roman Catholic Church has used the confessional as a front to avoid taking crime to law. The Jehovah's Witness have used the two-witness rule to the same effect (Deuteronomy 19:15; Matthew 18:15-17). While the spirit of law is the pursuit of justice, church law is used to subvert it. But I think (and hope) their time is up.

I want to believe you are right. Only aggressive law enforcement backed by the communities in which these criminals operate will make a difference.

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