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This afternoon I'll be going, for the second time, to volunteer a couple hours at my county's Democratic Headquarters. The last time I was there they took advantage of my organizational skills and had me sorting, collating and filing lists of voters. It was menial work, but I enjoyed it and felt like I had done a little something to make a difference, rather than just sit around on social media, moaning about what a terrible president we have. I suppose eventually they will want to talk me into making phone calls, which I'm against in principle, and I'll have to refuse to do that. But until then, I'm enjoying meeting new people and doing the busy work. Does anybody else like to do volunteer work?

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Deb57 8 Aug 21

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I have showed up to vacuum, dust, reorganize the closets/cabinets, swab the bathroom, etc etc etc....everything helps, and & clean pleasant environment brings volunteers back.


I volunteer on the 08 campaign. Best thing I ever did.


I've done phone calls etc.
It's good to find some like minded people too.
Maybe well see you running for office some day ! 🙂

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