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I heard on the radio this morning that Michael Cohen, who has pleaded guilty to several charges, has said that he would not, under any circumstances, accept a pardon from 45. Why? Because, he said, Donald Trump is corrupt and dangerous. Apparently he accepts that when you make poor life choices, sometimes you have to pay the price. And if you have any sense at all, you do what you can to put distance between yourself and the most heinous excuse for a president this country has ever seen.

shebaloney 6 Aug 22

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Sounds like an honorable man.


Unfortunately any Republican not standing behind the president will lose support from the uninformed minions the put him in power. It's a dangerous damn if I do and damn if I don't. I'm running out of nails to bite.


This is the worst of the convictions for Trump because it's about his campaign but he still has lots of support from Congress. This support is likely to dry up if he does anything to stop it so he is increasingly becoming more isolated with less options. I expect he will do anything within his power to remain in office. He will not go quietly is my belief. Expect him to fire Mueller even though it will be a major violation of the rule of law and will send us into more uncharted territory. His support will surely disappear but I don't see him having any other option to remain in power and stay out of jail. I also believe if that support dries up he will turn to Russia to save. He will stab every American in the back to save himself. I've studied him since the 1980's, he is as low a human being as they get. The sense of entitlement and bigotry ideals rule him. He really thinks he is the greatest person alive, maybe to ever live. He is very dangerous and we have only seen the tip of the iceberg is my guess.

Glad I'm Canadian but it still effects us down here.

@Wahker This country is ripping apart and no one seems able to stop it. There are riots in the streets almost every day. It's being glossed over by mainstream media but it won't take much to set off another civil war. It's been a cold war for decades as the right decided it should be the only voice heard but Trump has woke up the left. They finally realize they are in a war now so much of the apathy that has been the hallmark of the left for a very long time has disappeared.

@JesseBoren I wish you luck. Hopefully something changes and keeps it from spinning out of control.

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