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Quran says when you see a none believer you must give him or her one stroke (sward) and thease days in some countries is by sward and in some other is by executing ? is thet fare how many people like like galilei have been kiled by believers

abarcopy 4 Aug 22

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  1. Try working on writing more fluently
  2. Stop being a racist jerk

Sorry I am not ravishing jerk at all women are so recpected for me I I answered people if this relegion is good or not

@abarcopy what difference Which religion it is? All religions are garbage!


The problem comes from mixed messages in the Koran.

True. Usually when the Koran mentions "infidels" it means polytheists. Christians and Jews were not considered to be infidels. Muslims - at least those with some education - always knew that all three religoins share one God.

This is what I mean by mixed messages. In one place, Jews and Christians are people of the book who need no enlightenment and in the next, they are being annihilated for being too evil to accept Mohammad and Islam. In the face of such slaughter, the different between them and polytheists is moot.

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