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Driving while white ? Disabled ? Human ? Went grocery shopping this morning . Searched for a short checkout line . Spotted a friendly cashier . She's a Muslim woman . I think , first time I saw her , I asked how to pronounce her name , I saw on her badge . She's always friendly and smiling and we chat a little as she checks me out . I had pulled up to the round bagging platform and was collecting the bags from it , although she was bringing the heavier ones to me and putting them in my basket . Once things were rung up , I pulled out my credit card out, and , holding it up , twisted in the seat , to tell the person behind me , who had pulled up against the back of the scooter , "Hi hon , I need to back up ," to reach the machine to swipe my card . WOW ! Was I surprised . The woman behind me , in a very loud voice , yelled out , "You need to apologize to me . You need to tell me you're sorry ! " It went downhill from there . I looked over at the poor Muslim cashier . Her smile had sunk to the floor . I feel so bad for her . We were having such a nice morning , and now it was ruined . I touched her hand when she handed me my receipt , and apologized to her and wished her a good day . My face must have shown my distress /angur . As I reached the door , a very sweet woman who always greets me with a huge smile , and has on occasion helped me with a scooter , asked what's wrong . I kept telling her , ti wasn't the store , it was a customer . We wished each other well , and I left .

By Cast1es8
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People have their own issues. I would have said, “i’m Sorry, can you please back up so I can pay?”

Confrontation with crazy people does not work. It just escalated the situation.

Who cares if it was your disability or you skin color. It was her issue. The sooner it is over the sooner you can move on. I find it is best to just “let it go” than be concerned about it. Sometimes I spend time thinking about how I might handle it differently in the future, but then I let it go!

LeslieV2 Level 5 Aug 25, 2018

I've been giving this some thought , as to how I could have handled the situation in a better manner . I have thought perhaps it would have made sense to call for security , but to be homest I don't think this store has security on duty full time . so maybe I should have asked the cashier to call for management ?

Cast1es Level 8 Aug 25, 2018

They were a pushy horrid person. You should have run over their toes and told them to go fuck themselves. That is an option, you know.


I don't understand what you were meant to apologize for!


Not trying to be a pain but I also see some ambiguities in your story I'm not sure why the woman behind you was yelling at you or how that tied into your conversation with the cashier

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