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The pope is more concerned with how the church is going to look. He is worried about his reputation. When will the toxic Catholic empire come crashing down and what will it take?

Greenheart 7 Aug 26

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I've generally kind of liked this current Pope - but if that's the best he can do - be gone Popey - you're as F- ed as everyone else !


I've heard him referred to as 'the pope for unbelievers' because he seems to be more interested in looking good to them instead of his own. I think the RCC is going south, not just in the sense of going down but also in it's hope for survival in under-developed countries.
He has just been in Ireland and had nothing of any real value to offer to believers. His whole contribution to marriage harmony was rooted in Ephesians 4:26  "Be angry, yet do not sin." Do not let the sun set while you are still angry. Sad to think he comes from Italy to Ireland with one verse to offer. He had nothing solid to offer about controlling clerical sexual abuse. He refused to comment on the charge that he had facilitated Cardinal Theodore McCarrick to continue his career despite being told about his activities. "Trust me", he said to the journalist. Well, no.


What will it take? A few more years, and a couple of generations growing up knowing the truth .
It will never come crashing down, but may well become a small fringe church fronting a massive business empire.

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