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Sam Harris
Jordan Peterson
Bret Weinstein
Vancouver BC

Four crazy hours of cutting-edge dialogue about the most important issue of our time.

part 1

part 2

skado 9 Aug 30

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What is the title. I want to check it out on you tube. He has quite a few.

Here (I believe) is a good link to part 1.

View it quickly because it is very likely to be taken down.
I don’t find part 2.

I don’t know the official title (because there is no official video) but if you search for “Sam Harris Jordan Peterson Vancouver” you are likely to find the occasional bootleg copy, but watch it quickly in any case because they are actively trying to keep it off the internet. In the video the moderator asks the audience not to film any of the debate so that the speakers could feel free to respond candidly without worrying about “going on record”. So any copy is a bootleg copy and likely to be taken down shortly.

OK, I have found a part 2.
Watch it quickly...

@skado ah thanks
Will check it out.

@skado thanks. I listened to them
Will check out more


TY for posting.

1 Not sure if serious and I'm not willing too watch 4h to get the joke.

Dietl Level 7 Aug 30, 2018
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