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I'm headed for Iceland tomorrow. 1st time out of the 'United' States. So nervous!!!!

Will be out of touch for about 2 weeks.

Don't have a revolution without me!!!

MissaDixon 7 Aug 30

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Have a great trip! Bring back some ice.


I hope you have a wonderful trip and post lots of photos when you return home.


I've been there often. It's a crazy, weird, wonderful country. Nothing but a pile of volcanic rocks in the middle of the Atlantic. No trees or greenery. Weather changes from bad to worse every 15 minutes, yet it has a barbaric beauty you see nowhere else. The Icelanders are a tough, democratic, humorous folk who don't take shit from anyone,a bit like Newfoundlanders. They speak the same language as the Vikings 1000 years ago and hold many of the same ideas. It is the most backward and advanced country in the world at the same time. They have solved many of the world's most serious problems: overpopulation, greenhouse gases, religion, social breakdown. If I were younger I would emigrate there in a heartbeat and never come back. Gangi þér vel og góða skemmtun!

I love it!!!!!!!


Can't promise to hold off , depends on Trump's antics .

Damnit! I was gonna say we're gonna kick him out when in Iceland...


Haha...we'll wait for you! Have fun!


Have a blast

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