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I drove through Ohio today (lucky me). What a police state it is. I'm sure I've never seen so many cops pulling people over. I wish I'd have kept count. Had to be more than 2 dozen! care ful out on the road this weekend!

Secretguy 7 Aug 31

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Ohio is notorious for this shit.


I live in Indiana, Fort Wayne, about 30 minutes from Ohio. Whenever I have occasion to enter that god-forsaken state, I have often noticed the exact same thing. However, recently, I have noticed the police state mentality spilling over into Indiana. At least in my own personal experience, the police are increasingly being used as revenue generators for the state.

One of my closest friends, whom I have known since middle school, is a cop in my city (a city of about 260,000 people), and until I rode along with him a few times and talked about his work, I did not realize how rare felony arrests are. Many officers go more than a year without making a felony arrest. So much of what my friend, Sean, does is traffic related or domestic. But at least he's cool about it; 9 times out of 10 he'll either hit his lights to slow a speeder down, or if he actually pulls them over, he'll usually issue a warning if they are at least semi-polite about the whole thing (and not going ridiculously fast).

I got pulled over in Indiana a year ago..and I just told the cop about all the dick truck drivers bocking the left lane for miles on end. He agreed and let me off.


How did you get so lucky as to drive through Ohio? 🙂 stay safe!

I'm at a race in Indy.


End of the month....they have to make ends meet too ?


One of my closest friends is a cop, and he completely dispelled the myth of quotas in police work (at least in Indiana). In my state, the courts have ruled that quotas are illegal and cannot be instituted by police departments in Indiana (true as of about ten years ago - maybe it has changed). But my friend, Sean, says what does happen is that officers who are "falling behind the rest of the pack" often get taken to task as to what it is they are actually doing on patrol. So, yeah, there sort of is an unofficial quota system anyway.

@Piratefish of course this is under the rug and I didn't mean to single out Ohio neither Indiana. It does stand out the pattern at the end of the month and I would like to think this is more common than not all across the board. Anyhow, at least if I behave and put up with all the freaking maniacs riding my tail because I am driving at speed limit then at least I know who is going to get pulled over. I'll always give the benefit of the doubt to the police anyhow.


Safe travels!

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