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Why are all the cute guys here straight? And the few that are open to me are either 2 million miles away or never reply to messages.... It is beyond frustrating.

Ceaselessmind 7 Sep 2

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Pussy is good.


This site is very little about hookups and very much about the exchange of idea....try Tinder?


Sorry about that.


For the same reason all the really attractive women are straight. They outnumber us.


Very simple. This site isn't eHarmony or something. The odds of there being anyone in easy driving distance, are not that high except in a large metropolitan area. Gay folks are only about 10% of the population, so the problem is magnified for them. If I were dating I'd view this site as an adjunct resource, not something I'd primarily rely on to meet potential partners.


Trust me, Gay or not, many of us have the same issues ...


Sorry Ceaselessmind, I didn't choose to be straight. I was born this way. At least I was cute then. I have pictures.


JimG Level 8 Sep 2, 2018

Hold your head high! You will find someone. I'd reccomend going to a coffe shop, or a book store. Online dating doesn't work well.

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