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"Mom, can I live off you?"
"You already do"
"I mean forever"

Holli 6 Sep 3

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Lol. I'd be a little worried if that came out of the mouth of anyone over about 14 or maybe even 12.

But at least it's out there. My daughter had that attitude for much of her adult life but it was always covert and implicit.


One of mine was living with his mom when he dropped out of alternative high school - neither of them mentioned it to me. They waited until he was 18 and he asked if I would continue paying child support for 6 months while his workers comp claim was processed, as he was claiming emotional distress. I complied. After 6 months, the claim wasn't processed and he requested that I continue indefinitely, and I suspected that he wasn't asking alone. I told him, "No", adding that I wouldn't leave him high and dry, so if he wasn't feeling like he was being supported, he was welcome to move in with us. Your conversation reminded me of mine.

Wow. Mine is 14. She was worried that she'd not get her homework done if she had to get a job now. Her friend got a 6-hour a week job and that freaked out my little, shy, studious one! I'm much more likely to have my ex husband begging for money and a couch than my kid.


No thanks!

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