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When Kavenaugh got up to go to lunch today, he refused to shake the hand of a man whose daughter was killed in the Parkland shootings... he simply turned his back and walked away. The father simply wanted to express his grief over his loss and I guess hopefully put a face on gun violence... something he should consider should he be accepted as a SC Judge. Gun rights is one of the issues he's thought to be a rubber stamp for.

SACatWalker 8 Sep 4

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He is an idiot just like his master trumper


I am not watching any of it. The whole thing breaks my heart. We should not even being holding this hearing.
I am stunned by what the gop party has become. Neither am I a fan of the dems but they do not control the senate.
Sad moment.


Yes, that was a very telling moment, and went viral online I'm sure, but also on some major television news programs. Especially disturbing when compared to Kavanaugh's gloating over the vibrancy of his own daughters and his enthusiastic outlook for their future.

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