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When the religious right, nazis, white supremacists, and wealthy donors get together, two things are certain. One is that a swamp has been converted into a sesspool. And two is that the Rosemary s baby they will spawn will bring death and distruction on everything it touches. The horror of the Trumpcolipse will haunt for a long long time. Thank you Jesus for the gift of Donald Trump.

Tompain1 7 Sep 5

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He has converted the swamp into an unrecognizable sewer. He hired all very wealthy and uninformed people. He lies continually, he knows not what he says. He is vile and stupid at the same time.
He is about to be tossed out and that is a blessing if there ever were such a thing.
Thanks to the nation for waking up and listening finally. The TRump nightmare is soon to be over

EMC2 Level 8 Sep 6, 2018

trumper is a son of satan


Republicans f everything up, dems come fix it. Repubs get voted in again. Repeat as nauseam. No wonder the right is so anti education.


It’s particularly tuff on those who made the effort and followed through voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton. But then again, the same one’s manning & womanning phone lines right now, showing up to back the only party capable of curbing future abuse, have a network.. And, by popular vote, were the majority.

As for those having sat on their hands or thrown away their vote 2 years ago, here comes their first chance to correct that. I’ve long wondered how bad it needs to get before the vast majority of this nation, the USA, begin to consistently vote & participate. Apparently, for those living in a religious fantasy world, ‘too bad’ came decades ago; they got active, stayed active, and in a very twisted way ..feel ‘they’ve won.’

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing

Varn Level 8 Sep 6, 2018
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