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Religious ppl believed they have free will.
Atheists know they don't since they r subjected to punishment by exercising that so called free will.
Atheist on the other hand consider themselves having free will because they r not subjected to the religious nonsense. But according to Sam Harris , mat dilahunty and some other prominent atheists free will is an illusion; and one reason advanced is that we r subjected to the laws of nature, right and wrong Wtc. Etc. can anyone here speak to this?

Greenheart 7 Sep 6

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Yep you open the door and step out of your cage and then find out you're just in a bigger cage


"Religious people believe they have free will"??? Because gawd tells them so?!?! LOL!


Most such conversations conflate free will with freedom of choice.

True free will would make one a deity, because to be truly free to do whatever you want without consequences or trade-offs or constraints would require that you be all knowing and all powerful.

What we have is limited freedom of choice and it provides us with plenty of decisions to make and learn from. It is all we need in part because we are finite, mortal beings with limited senses and intellectual equipment.

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