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To the few people on this site who feel it's their job to correct people's spelling, knock it off. It's terribly boring, condescending, and shows you to be petty and most probably unlikeable. If you see a mis-spelled word, or a poor usage of grammar, just move on. If you want to comment on something, make your comment applicable to the content of the member's post instead of playing grammatical hall monitor and commenting on their spelling/grammar. It's tiresome.

shebaloney 6 Sep 7

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Look I've read your post and all the others and I have to say that while I keep my bashing to a minimum...I find myself quite distressed over the deplorable grammar problem growing in popular culture. I notice more and more type-o's in formal documents and everyday articles. And don't get me started on the memes! Holy cow!
Is it my English minor background, maybe coupled with my age? I do not know. But seeing this decline is horrible.

I have to amend this. I just got through reading a post about a kid getting shot. And read where people were actually correcting the poster on her spelling...are you fucking kidding me???
So yes, in instances like that, my reply would be to "piss off"(and that's all spelled correctly)




Hwat is yu tahken about?


I don't normally chime on grammar or spelling, but I've seen posts here and elsewhere that are utterly incomprehensible due to the grammar, sentence structure, or utter lack of punctuation. I still don't normally comment, but I think it's a waste of time to post or comment if you cannot even make your message comprehensible.

There are also some errors that I have seen here that are only common to online scammers using poor translation software.

JimG Level 8 Sep 7, 2018

Spelling and usage is the first impression we get in a format like this. If anyone wants to seem like an idiot, feel free.

Good point. I do tend to judge general intelligence by quality of articulation and ability to relay thoughts in a legible manner. Other than a picture, the way a person writes is the first impression we get on here. I don't correct a stranger unless they've written something extremely ignorant. Bashing grammar and spelling is the indirect method of bringing their perceived idiocy to light.


Speling isnt ass inportint ass sum wunt it too bee.


I see this all the time in my 'other' world. At the risk of coming off like a broken record, having mentioned this elsewhere before, there are intelligent people who are dyslexic or have that tendency, maybe have hearing issues & heard something wrong all their life, and those probably like myself whose grammar has been wrecked by reading the internet.
When I see things like this in my other world, because of the "climate" & superior like mentality, it just tells me who they are; they had a decent education, are firing on most cylinders and not afraid to be sanctimonious about their privilege.

Otoh, there is the low hanging fruit issue of those with attitude that can't string two sentences together & mangle things so I get the snark in those cases.


There, their and they're are different words. There can be no negotiation.
If you want to call it snarky, that is your issue.


Right on


Hoo way

3 and online dating are a written, visual medium. Poor grammar and spelling make people look ignorant and stupid.

Often I ask clarifying questions when a post that interests me is unclear. The problem is usually poor writing. Recently a man posted, "US court ruling allows Satanism to be thought in schools."

"Do you mean 'thought' or 'taught'?" I asked. "This makes a big difference."

The writer was appreciative. He replied:

"Oooh, now I figured out what the problem is. I should have used two different words. Sorry, will take care of it. Tks for caring"


Dats rite! Knock it off!


rite on, me sometimes uses misspellings just fur the hell of it. languge is ussed differntly in deffernt areas of country, u don't like it don't read it. it's the mesage not the messenjer


And sometimes it is the damn autocorrect! But I agree. Comments should be on topic. And not to be snarky.

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