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I think Stephen Colbert accidentally outed the NY op-ed writer on the same day it came out, while promoting Bob Woodward's new book entitled Fear...

slydr68 8 Sep 8

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It would be hysterical if it was Ivanka.


It was a Republican talking about how they are pushing their corporatist agenda through while shielding the president from scrutiny or justice. It was nothing short of an admission to complicity in deceiving the American people about the unstable nature of the president and the administration, so far as I'm concerned it was a confession to an impeachable and prosecutable crime.

Exactly. He's not some hero; he's the PROBLEM. Making a choice to not stop Trump, not do what is right because it ultimately is advantageous to the GOP agenda of making the super rich richer, destroying institutions meant to protect the planet, and shifting the balance of the supreme court for a generation. He's a bigger disgrace than Trump.


Personally I'm thinking/hoping it's a combination of people locked in solidarity, and will all come out together or the mass "It wasn't me" comments we've been seeing. It sure is a mystery. Somebody surely will have guessed it right on tv and will be able to claim that prize. Stay tuned, I guess!

We probably won't find out until all the right wing agenda items have been checked off their list, as far as they can go under the cover of our cray cray prez, and they've come to the end of the line and are ready to install Pence who would run a tighter ship and not let some of the cray cray stuff happen. But then, dun dun dun... it might actually get worse because it will be serious instead of this circus. Not sure what Pence thinks of Stephen Miller.

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