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She is a good writer.

GreatNani 8 Sep 8

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The problem is that Harris dod not give any indication as to whom she was speaking at the law firm. It is hard to answer generalized questions, especially in such a public setting. I am not defending Kavanagh, but suggesting that if Harris knows something, she should tell the public to clarify her position.

Would she be allowed to, from a legal standpoint? I don't know. But I do like her a lot.

@GreatNani It depends on the information. Booker was willing to leave the Senate over the emails to Kavanaugh, so I guess if Harris has the gumption...

@SageDave Would be nice if she did. Actually, it would be great if the all did. But I think politicians are inherently self serving.

@GreatNani And that is something new to ponder? LOL

@SageDave LOL! No, just me actually giving voice to what we already know!

@GreatNani Love her, wish she would run for President!!!


Thanks for posting.


Can't wait to read this in full. I've enjoyed her pieces before, & I'm sure this is incisive and unsparing.


The best we can hope for all the corruption in the current administration is that the Republican party will be so discredited that for many years it will become totally ineffective.

It doesn't look like people feel that way.

@GreatNani people are still being brainwashed by a dictator.. Soon even his supporters will realize how dangerous he is! It will happen when the economy will take a drastic down turn.. And all the promises based on deception s and lies will come to the surface.

@Eldovis I would hope so. But I believe people will double down and blame someone else.


Great article. I have been shocked about the Republican backing of Trump since the primaries. Makes me want to ditch the lot of them and they all new officials as soon as possible.

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