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Last night I was told I have an attitude because of the way I asked for help. Let me set the scene, I had just transferred a paediatric patient to pacu following a major laparotomy and another patient had arrived in the anaesthetic room unannounced! A major oesophageal bleed. I was on my own due to sickness and asked my scrub colleagues for help. 1 came out of the 4 on duty. I asked her to get something and she never came back! I asked for help again and stated as clearly and definitely as I could that I needed someone in the anaesthetic room all the time as this patient could arrest at any time. That's when I was told I had an attitude problem and she didn't like how I asked for help. My patient was covered in blood, vomiting blood, shitting blood and the bed was saturated in blood and he was attached to the defib just in case and we had NO venous access! It was 6am and I had had no support from any of the scrub team during the night. Did I have an attitude? You bet your fucking arse I had! I have never been so angry about work in my life!

Josephine 7 Sep 9

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What was the outcome? She should be reprimanded.


Resenting someone's ''attitude'' is one thing....endangering a patient is FIRE-worthy! I'd submit a complaint. She wants ''attitude?" Wonder what that patient's ''attitude'' might be? I'm shocked at this!


Sounds like another day in I.C.U adult or child all the same. Your call on what to do. I drink after work. Not the best choice that is my choice


Yes you have an attitude. That's a good thing, in that job you need it. There will be times when your attitude saves lives so keep it going and thank you.

Salo Level 7 Sep 9, 2018

Hey mate, you keep on going doing all the good and I bet unnoticed things you do every day. You know better than anybody how important is what you do. If venting here helps to cope with the emotional burden then please by all means. We are here for you, cheers !!


I don't know how you (nurses) do it. Hugs.

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