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Trump is coming to Ireland???Why???

what do we have that he could possibly want...

other than a cultural racism which has only in the last ten years or so left us/ got buried beneath our social dictations...Which means its not gone but people just don't give into their racism as it is no longer socially acceptable...
He may be coming to remind us of the underlying racial prejudice here and to expand his race war to which i say build and stay behind your fucking wall...

What could he possibly hope to achieve here anyway that could even slightly compare to Obama and his wife securityless(because they could not fit into the packed pub/bar) drinking guinness with literally everyone/anyone in a small dingy pub/bar in the asshole of Ireland talking shit with the auld fellas like any man should...
Except , of course, he was a president...and wasnt expected to either mingle or talk irish but yet he did both...

Ireland loved him,the world loved him and America didnt deserve him...Now you send us your trump...I think its about time America kept their promise to the world built the wall and kept their dirty fat bastard of a president to themselves we don't want him here...

Europe doesnt want him eastern europe doesnt want him, i am pretty sure the middle east doesnt want him, asia certainly doesnt want him and Australia thinks he is a joke well he is a joke I can't believe the presidency candidates in america were so bad he got the majority vote...

Anyway keep your well fed farm animal to yourselves...

Here is obama drinkin with auld irish lads who undusted their suits for him

DennyLeehee 3 Sep 9

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I miss our excellent former president so much.

Deb57 Level 8 Sep 9, 2018

Why is he allowed in? Have you no "undesirable" laws?

We can't keep him out, as much as we would like too...we are desperately trying to think of ways of keeping him perhaps convincing Obama to spend a week here as our guest..we are running out of ideas...but we can march and protest against him if he does insist on coming..


You are right about fomenting racism and trying to make himself seem aligned with good honest Irish stock, as there are a lot of people of Irish descent here. Please mount huge protests so he doesn’t succeed!

We will be protesting against him...we have nothing in common with him.

@Hitchens except maybe tat excellent belly


well Ireland is a green and grassy(Knoll) land and i seem to remember there were some troubles there in the past which lead to many people taking up target practice with high powered sniper type rifles and learning the intricacies of timed explosives...... but seriously my condolences we are just getting rid of the stench of his visit over here

There are plenty of professionals here, left over from the troubles..but I doubt they would be interested..?


O man...I miss him so. How about if we give you lots of money, could you keep the Orange Diarrhea at least half the time?
On a side note, the Ambassador was Dan Rooney, who was the owner of our local football team, The Pittsburgh Steelers...and a beloved person around here.

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