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I have been reading many posts where people are working below their abilities, not for their ability or wanting but because they work at a place that does not really appreciate them as individuals with knowledge that could be used for greater benefit of the company and individual. Has anyone ever thought of using the resources of the people on this site to do something that would benefit all who are wanting? I have no idea what or how this would work but there are many here who are far smarter than I. I am just wondering if any one else has thought of this group being a resource for such an effort.

dalefvictor 8 Sep 9

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In a long working life, I have seen that it is a Very rare place that even tries to use workers to their full potential, or even bothers to find out if they have any potential. The prevailing business model is, workers are totally interchangeable, which any line boss (me!l)knows is completely false!


I just posted about my own situation in the IT group n got some good advice but yeah theres bound to be some business networking value in this site as much as dating. Perhaps we need a career development group or just to use the existing group with a topic closest to your career if one exists and talk about what we're doin or dissatisfied with more often, ask for help. Its a vulnerable thing to ask for career help sometimes especially if youre lookin for a date at the same time, but if theres any group I feel safe gettin vulnerable with its my fellow secular humanists. Especially those in IT and creative fields should be looking for business and creative parters on here; i bet a lot of great website ideas, comics, music, art could be born out of here.


I like that idea a lot.


Being fairly new to the site, I haven't run across the type of posts you mentioned, but here are a couple of ideas for using the site to help such people:

  • Providing motivation for taking the actions necessary to work at one's highest potential, either through postings or recommending authors who wrote on the subject.
  • Providing resources on advice for what to do to change one's current situation into a better one, either through posting advice or recommending authors who wrote on the subject.

@Quazi What field are you studying, for your degree?

@Quazi Sounds like a good field, where your skills will be valuable. One trend in the US has been people relocating less than in the past ( Years ago, over 40% of the population would move to where the work is, but now it is down to around 12%. I have no idea what employment opportunities are available where you live now, but if there aren't good opportunities, you may want to consider moving to where there are.

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