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I was reading on CNN site the other day, and noticed a post that told what the presidential IQs were. I Looked today but did not see it, but I fumbled onto it so it could still be there. What I found surprising was that Trump's IQ was at 156 and was the second highest of all Presidents!

I wonder what your thoughts are on this matter.

Leutrelle 7 Jan 23

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You might have clicked on a 3rd party site. There's one from "zapmeta", whoever they are.


Okay. Show me the evidence. The test results. Just the results of college entrance exams might help. I was a member of Mensa and I know he was not. That does not mean he doesn't have an IQ of that level, but I find it highly doubtful.

He indeed was much more well spoken many years ago, but he has never been eloquent. That is also not a foolproof indicator of intelligence. However, it is something of a clue. His performance in his chosen field of interest has also not been as incredible as he and others try to make it out to be. It has actually been a bit lackluster. That too is not an indictment. He has shown that he was quick on his feet, but that may have just been having an adequate amount of money to enable some of those moves.

I can't say he is not bright, but I also can't find any reason to accept the notion that he is bright. There is too much evidence to indicate the opposite, but that is all circumstantial. So, as I said, show me the evidence and we'll take it from there.


There was a presidential hoax American President in 2001 which placed Bill Clinton as the highest at 181 and George bush at the lowest at 91. This was however fake news you might say and to quote "The techniques purportedly used to measure IQ of the presidents are not recognized means of measuring IQs". It also must be noted that though he claims it he is not a member of MENSA as previously claimed, his IQ at 156, 165 or late 120s. However just like this case and a second compiled in 2006 on the comparative intelligence of presidents omitting Obama because he hadn't run yet. This is Donalds second attempt for presidency, he was pro-choice in the past. We know he graduated from a prestigious college and had success as a businessman through mostly bankruptcy (he wasn't that good a one so that is the reason for my phrasing). Profiting through corporate bankruptcy is a thing but it's a dirty practice.
The man has been described as semi-literate and I think in best possible cases he is hiding intelligence within a practically retarded speech (Clean coal anyone?) Or his health is deteriorating and faulty data has been used. There is no complete data to prove his IQ but there isn't anything to suggest high intelligence on paper or off it.

I don't have a clue. I was just surprised. They had Obama at 145, and Clinton at 146, Bush 2 at 124, and Bush 1 at 130.

@Leutrelle Well it could be because he didn't need his IQ tested for his college because he transferred in. That may be why he's obsessed with being 'smart' from that uni.

@DragonDustLike I said I don't have a clue.


Dementia. You lose "all the best words".

Also ADD.

Thats scary. I do have ADD, but some words are eluding as of late.

@Leutrelle it's a normal part of getting older, to an extent. I've even noticed myself having difficulty retrieving words sometimes, and I'm not particularly worried about it.

With Trump I'm thinking specifically about the dichotomy between his speech of past decades vs. his current speech. The difference is striking: he was far more fluent, with more inflection and range of words in the past. The disparaity seems (to my inexpert appraisal) greater than would be accounted for by just the normal progression of aging. It's in the emotional tones and inflection: he seems like a crude wooden copy of his former self.

Frontotemporal (lobe) Degeneration is an early onset dementia-analog that involves receptivity and responsiveness to social cues, impulsivity, and empathy. Some of Trump's behaviors line up.

I know because I suspect my mother is exhibiting the signs. She has zero impulse control and zero concept of others' thoughts or feelings, very little concept of social appropriateness. I never thought about it until just now, but the parallels to Trump's behaviors are eerie.

@stinkeye_a Thats interesting point. I remember that Regan was suspected of having Dementia while still in office.

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