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I'm gonna put this in the Politics category because there is no Idiots category. This is a facepalm look at just how stupid Trump is as a businessman. Enjoy!

Sgt_Spanky 8 Sep 13

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He's narcissistic and obviously suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect........

In reality it would be best if we don't impeach him but instead remove him via the 25th amendment on account of his extreme narcissism and the consequences of such, if only we can achieve this aim, we could revolutionize the entire country simply by starting to take cluster B personality disorders more seriously. Removing Trump due to this would eventually allow us to flip the scales and little by little remove various figures from positions of power who have said personality disorders in which would actually make America respectable if achieved.


Yep facepalm. SMH


Don't need to. He's a con artist with a knack for self promotion. His business acumen is zero.

Nice kitty......... :3

Your profile pic makes me smile, thanks!

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