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Trump - the good, the bad, the unknown and the ugly

By zesty7
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Absolutely a reincarnation of Goebels and Mengela... Women are in the midst of a reign of healthcare terror!

EvaV Level 7 Sep 23, 2018

The abortion problem is there. But at least Trump is the least religious president. He will discharge these crazy evangelists real soon.

@zesty. I don't think so.. He is so embedded with them...scary... Resistance to them in a more radical form is too be contemplated

Of course the nacis were mass murderers. They are mostly dead. However liberals don't mention too frequently the really professional mass murderers. Uljanov, aka lenin, the syphilitic German spy, dogosvili aka stalin, the king of mass murderers, putin, killer kgb major, mao; the present Chinese dictator, kim, etc. Communists killed over 200 millon innocents, the nacis "only" 20 millions!

@zesty men don't discuss their crimes ....jusr conquest. Spot on


Low quality, useless, cheap chinese products, soaked in the blood and tears of slave North Korean workers flood the market. Is this what we really want? Who cares, inexpensive!

zesty Level 7 Sep 22, 2018

Trump is a money grubbing leach and he is an amateur to boot.

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