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Schrodinger’s Thermonuclear Bomb

The absurdity behind both quantum probability and the observer effect was highlighted by the late physicist Erwin Schrodinger when he proposed his “Schrodinger’s Cat” thought experiment. The thought experiment linked the micro quantum realm with the macro observable universe. A quantum event which may or may not happen in a fixed interval of time results in a macro cat that may or may not be alive depending on the quantum event’s outcome. Since there is an equal probability of deadness or aliveness, before one actually observes the state of the cat, the cat is both equally alive and dead at the same time – an actual impossibility. However, it still takes an outside observer to actually open the box and look. Then and only then is the cat 100% alive or 100% dead.

Actually there is no need for any observation at all. Just substitute Schrodinger’s Cat for Schrodinger’s Thermonuclear Bomb. After the allotted interval there will be no need to look in the box in order to determine whether or not the quantum event (or non-event) detonated the thermonuclear bomb or not. A thermonuclear bomb cannot both be detonated and not detonated. No observer is necessary to check the box. There is no probability about the state of affairs after the required allotted time interval has passed.

johnprytz 7 Sep 24

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a lot of people are unaware that he posited the cat to show how absurd it is to think of quantum probability in terms of the macro awareness.

the cat is either alive or it's dead. superposition is not a condition of existence in two contradictory states, it's existence in multiple possible states. "Dead" is "Not alive". "up spin" is not "not down spin".


Sounds right to me.

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