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Godly Hurricanes

Causality is not the Religious Right’s strongest point. Take hurricanes. You know and I know the basic causality behind hurricanes, but the loony tunes right-wingers – climate change deniers one and all – have a different explanation. God’s wrath done it (unless it was the Illuminati) for various reasons (abortion, etc.). By the way, this is hardly an exhaustive list.

Hurricane Katrina’s Causality (2005):

*Johnny Enlow: Because God loves you.

*Rick Joyner: Homosexuality / Gays / LGBTQ rights.

*Bobby Jindal: Gays and legal abortion.

*Kevin Swanson: Homosexuality.

Hurricane Sandy’s Causality (2012):

*Joe Rosenberg: Abortion rights.

*Cal Beisner: Sent by God as a matter of grace.

*Kevin Swanson: Homosexuality.

*Rabbi Noson Leiter: Gays and marriage equality.

Hurricane Harvey’s Causality (2017):

*Rick Wiles: Houston’s sexual perversions.

*Dave Daubenmire: Abortion and a lesbian Houston mayor.

*Jim Bakker: God’s judgment on America and the Middle East peace talks.

*Mark Taylor: The Illuminati actually was responsible.

Hurricane Irma’s Causality (2017):

*Kevin Swanson: Abortion rights and marriage equality.

*Mark Taylor: The Illuminati actually was responsible.

Hurricane Irene’s Causality (2011):

*Chuck Pierce: God sending angels to change the government.

Hurricane Florence’s Causality (2018)

*Rick Joyner: Sin, not climate change.

All of the above by the way (and way, way more religious nonsense from the loony tunes right-wingers) can be verified over at the “Right Wing Watch” website.

johnprytz 7 Sep 26

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I don't understand why the religious ignore science. Climate change is not caused by abortion or homosexuality.

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