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I came to my atheism after Hitchens had passed. In the years sense I felt as though I had scoured every debate, book tour interview, and talk show appearance on youtube with him in it. There's something about the way he eloquently savaged his opponents that I love. This one was new for me today and I thought I would share. Favorite exchange:

obnoxious douchey host: "Sir, is it possible that you rage so much against god is that you just want to live your own autonomous way, anyway that you want to, any lifestyle that you prefer, without being accountable to your creator?"

Hitch: "I think that's highly probably, yes."

Humanistheathen 7 Sep 27

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My favorite quote is "atheism is not chosen, it is discovered."
Before I knew who Hitch was I used the moniker CompelledUnbeliever to express the same thing. It is now the name of my YouTube channel.

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