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I don't know what to do with my life... And while I'm sure there are easy answers to this dilemma, I unfortunately have yet to get there. I suppose I'm posting this in hopes of someone who has been here before and understands to share their experiences... Maybe it's weak to say that I hope very much that someone can relate to that general statement. I don't need over analytics. Just a kind soul. Maybe even a friend. Hope you all are doing alright.

Rabbittarius 5 Sep 28

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I'd suggest trying different things and see how you feel about them -- interests as well as different social activities. And most importantly, keep checking in with yourself. I can only speak from my own experience: I spent many years feeling lost because I had a lot of underlying anger and resentment which kept me from being able to feel connected; it was like a barrier. It was something I didn't understand, all l saw was a continuous pattern of pulling away. Took me a long time to see this about myself.

@Rabbittarius Thanks. I know that feeling, there's safety in putting up barriers, I'd just gotten to the point where I felt I was losing out more by living like that. I couldn't change alone, I got help with therapy and mindfulness practices that have been helping me to move through my fears. No shame in reaching out if you need it, and it can be beneficial. I still needed to do the work (and it's a continuous practice) but it's helpful to have guidance and support.


I remember being in your exact frame of mind long ago. I decided I needed a hobby and decided on soaring but I couldn’t afford it. Took a course in mountaineering, got very strong and fit and energetic and women were all over me and I got one and had children and it’s been downhill ever since or uphill depending on perspective.

When I was working I absolutely loved my chosen career and was very committed.

You sound like a good and intelligent guy and I hope you find happiness.


What to do? Maybe the purpose of life is to find fulfilment in it. James Taylor wrote a song along those lines called The Secret of Life. Find something you love and pursue it. That might be all there is to the cerebral side of it. The other side is probably social. You know this already, judging from your post.

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