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I think you know that I am a liberty and freedom seeker. I love people, I love to extend my empathy to everyone that comes my way. I hate generalisation of people, I hate to think that I am oppressed because of my tribe and the name I carry that shows it instantly but at the same time I see the suffering of the people outside Buganda. The leaders of these people--have committed crimes against us. They have killed us. They have incapacitated us to nothingness. We are crying. The leaders of these people--have committed crimes against us. Yet they too need my help..and indeed I have helped people outside Buganda Kingdom. In my own capacity..I have shared the humankindness in me that I give freely.

The oppression is forcing me to resist,but this time not just that--but determined to obtain our Independence. So that our generations to come may not pay the price we have paid simply because we are from a wrong tribe. This pain is immeasurable yet at the same time, I hate the feeling of trying to make ordinary human beings pay for crimes they haven't committed just because their leaders wronged us. I am failing to rest.

I am torn apart. I want to help these other people know that Buganda's independence is actually in their own interest. I want to assure them that they can live without Buganda. I want to promise them that an Independence Buganda will truly value their dignity despite of them taking that valuable asset from us. My head spins every time I hear them tell me--"we will behead off your heads" if you announce the Independence. The more they say it---the more I think of walking towards my desire to fight for liberties and dignity. There's just too much pain in me. My gestures to them is not helping...but abondoning our struggle to appease them is not an option. Long Live Buganda and Baganda. We survived British Whites---we will survive their representatives too.

Humanlove 7 Jan 28

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Stay strong. Without people of your conviction there would never be change in the world. I am one of those British Whites you survived - so I know that if you can survive us, you can survive anything.

I wish you success in your plight and hope that change will come in your lifetime.

Thank you.


In the US we have a saying that Freedom isn't Free. Most people saying this have never put their life on the line to back up this conviction. You are on the front line of a freedom movement. For you it is truly a life or death proposition. Stay cool, learn who your real compatriots are and who you should not trust. The time will come when you will have to act. Only you will when that time comes. I hope for the best outcome for you. I will know of your success when I see you and your people are free.

Thank you.

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