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We need a national womens walk out to protest kavenaughs nomination. Anybody know how I can get in touch with all the women in America?

By OpposingOpposum9
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This sounds flippant, but, make a really good viral vid or meme? It seems to be the best way to reach people these days--a concise and attention-grabbing thing on social media.


Indianapolis 1/20.


Check to see what's happening in your community, if you have a local women's march organization. Most states/cities do. Check here for Florida: []

Julie808 Level 7 Sep 29, 2018

I do not think you want to contact all women, maybe you do. This would be difficult as I think one would have to also contact men. I have to think about this. I will get back to you.


No doubt there will be many men who will protest with you.

DeeTee Level 7 Sep 29, 2018

Good! They are all most welcome! ?


Facebook? Twitter? Know anybody famous?

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