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As a man I don’t have to deal with the rape culture directly. There was a time when I would allow my image of a person decide if there was credibility in their accusations. I have since then ,as i have come to see how women have been devalued released that type of conditioned belief system ; I have told myself not to make any assumptions about accusations that have been brought forth. Many of my friends ( women) have just assumed the woman that has came forth against kavanaugh is lying. I’ve asked what’s your basis ? Answer has been 😕he is a democrat . I of course know this isn’t the only reason people don’t believe her story , but I find it hard to see some women saying that when so many I have talked to have had similar experiences. Just a ah ha moment I guess! Anyway hopefully some type of resolution comes out of this .

Outsideit67 7 Oct 1

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There have been enough documented cases of women making false rape accusations, that could be why some are suspicious. In the Kavanaugh case, Ford's testimony so far has been incoherent. I'm waiting to hear the results of the FBI investigation.

You have a valid point. Unfortunately they did another background check and not a true investigation, on the other hand the way it was brought out was not good either


I think Many women have both witnessed and/or experienced Very similar things....or been living in a basement somewhere. Denial is a recognized defense against horror.


I'm worried that trial by public opinion might replace trial by law.

I can understand your concern, however, public opinion would only make it harder to pick a jury. Not saying that I couldn't be done, but it might be made more difficult if everyone, using the term loosely, already had an opinion. If push comes to shove, they can have a bench trial instead of a jury.

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