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For those raised in religious homes, how did you explain to your religious parent/s that you no longer subscribe to their beliefs? Did you explain? My dad raised me and my siblings in the Christian church. For years I've kept to myself how I feel about Christianity/religion. I don't want to keep it to myself any more. I'm too old to still be doing that lol. My brother is now the pastor of his own church, and I find myself avoiding him and my dad in order to avoid the preaching, and being told to pray, and to "give it to God". I'm good lol.

By LannaBull804
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Wellllll I had to walk away from my toxic family. Some people will just never accept you and respect you.


I didn't bother... they'd never get it....


When I came out and I quit going to church. A couple of years ago mom's Sunday school teachers confronted me in front of my mom and I told them I no longer believed what we were tought. Their response was we will pray for you. I told them go ahead it wouldn't change things.


I slowly hinted at it until one day, my mother said that she knew I was saved and that she prayed for me every night.

I replied that I knew she was delusional.

A few months later she admitted, tearfully that she doesn't believe the bible is infallible or the word of god.

Your honesty allowed for her honesty. Thank you for sharing?

@LannaBull80 I hadn't thought of it that way.


I've never felt the need to bring it up. Kind of how I think it's weird when others just bust out with their faith in god. I guess I try not to be that person on the opposite side. lol. I definitely get not wanting to feel like you're hiding it or something though.

If you are trying to be honest with them and also be respectful of how they feel maybe you could wait for a religious subject to come up again and let them know you'd like to talk more deeply about the subject.

I think the key to talking to others about our lack of faith is to remind them that you will support them having their faith and their right to believe what they do, you just don't want to pretend like you think the same anymore.

R48g48 Level 4 Oct 7, 2018

Same here. I have a very religious sister and brother-in-law and a dad who thinks this country “was built on Christianity”. I also have a passion for debating and just dropping golden nuggets of knowledge in general conversation. It’s very hard for me to keep quiet when they bring up religion.

My wife and I share the same views and we just try to smile and nod a lot of the time.

What we realized is it’s not whether who’s right or wrong, it’s simply the idea of there not being a god is so far outside of some people’s reach, that they will literally never be able to bring themselves to think that way.

They cannot open their mind far enough and step outside of all of the stories and lies they have been told throughout their life.

I once mentioned to an old friend once that "we are all god" trying to empower her through a hard time, forgetting how Christian she was, and I'm pretty sure there was an audible popping sound as her brain exploded. She got so defensive "No I do NOT believe we are all God!" She literally could not fathom. But I remembered reading for the first time that there is no god. Not any god that exists in any religion. At first it felt like blasphemy to even read it. My mind might have ? too, but it needed it.

@LannaBull80 exactly, I remember thinking I would get struck by lightening just for thinking there might not be a god. I was young and brain washed.

Its sad but most believe out of fear of getting struck by lightening or not getting let through the gates when they die.


Pull the trigger and get that monkey off your back. What happens after that is their choice. Be ready defend yourself though. They may feel the need "save you."

Oh no not the "saving"! Lol


I don't bring it up. Just pisses people off.

There is no not bringing it up. You'd be suffocated by the scripture in the air.


I was raised in a Christian home, and I have a lot of very religious family members. Some are even antiscience. I just came out right and said I was atheist. My mom didn't have an issue but my dad and his new wife have a huge problem with it. It has made any relationship with my dad strained say the least.

Thank you for sharing.


I did not. They just noticed. And we haven't spoke about it either. It seems like we both just know what happened but we both choose not talk about it. Theyre hardcore believer tho.

blanket Level 2 Oct 7, 2018

Does that get uncomfortable?


Faith is passion. I say, share your passion honestly, with your family. The first reaction I get when I say I don’t believe in “your god” is, what DO you believe? I think maybe there’s a fear on your, or our, side that we will let down our family and loved ones when we explain that we don’t share their faith. Then there’s the concern they may feel, that you’re lost or headed down the wrong path or something. I say, keep it honest, and let them know what you believe. Show them your passion. Let them see that you’ve found your own faith.

jrome043 Level 4 Oct 7, 2018

You're absolutely correct about them thinking I'm "lost" I don't want the pity prayer.

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