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My new coffee cup that suits my mood of the political happenings. We have to vote vote vote in November!

Ohub 7 Oct 7

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Where can I obtain one.

I bought it here, but I think several places have them. []


That's awesome~


That about says it all...
This is my new favorite cup

You know what i would love? A day in my life since 2016 that this fucktard air thief doesn't cross my consciousness for a goddamned single fucking day.
It's like Chinese water torture or something.. "Your daily dose of Donald brought to you by"...


Yep, that about sums up my feelings. Well... some of my feelings. Thanks for the laugh. 😛


"Not voting" is Not a "protest", it is a vote for what we have NOW!
Up, off your ass, get to the polling place....and go online to check that you are Registered!

Yes!. My three voting age kids are voting too - two of them absentee and one in KC. The one in KC has been volunteering for the claire McCaskill campaign.

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