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If there is a God, he cannot be both loving and omniscient. Anyone can easily see all the suffering in this world. Either God cannot do anything about it, or he choses not to.
(paraphrased from Sam Harris)

Grecio 7 Oct 15

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Loving and omniscient can do together. But not loving and omnipotent.

you are correct, of course. sorry. (:>😉


You know, when I was a believer I didn’t have any problem with that particular issue. I figured this life could possibly be like sitting through a movie, or maybe more like a holodeck, where everything is very convincingly real but after you die you walk out of the theater, and realize no one was actually harmed. It could have been like a training film. I think there’s lots better reasons for not believing in a literal god... like the total absence of evidence, and the abundance of evidence for alternate explanations. Just my 2 cents.

skado Level 9 Oct 16, 2018

I personally believe God created the universe (some form of matrix system) and left it to its devices. I’m also polytheistic so I believe there are higher powers on both sides (duality).

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