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Finished reading the latest Dan Brown book, Origin, today. Typical shallow action for him, and I'll forever associate Tom Hanks as the lead character, running around and gasping like Speed Racer. The crux of the story is that a techie billionaire has a grudge against religion. As such, there were a few brief references to Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitches, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

chalupacabre 8 Oct 20

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 There are many similarities between this book and his past writings.  One important difference however, is that Trans Humanism is a real thing.  It is actually happening now.  Of course literal interpreters of the bible believe that the mark of the beast is now a metaphor ( I do get the irony but,  they never do ) for computer chips or data ports which will soon be installed in our brains and further that these devices will soon be required to conduct every type of commercial or legal transaction. I think they may be right this time.  Now if they could only grasp the truth that Donald Trump is a perfect metaphor for the anti Christ, same goes for Pat Robertson or Franklin Graham as false prophets or  Fundamentalism as the false religion, we might be able to fix this entire mess.      

"I must find the roots of this conspiracy! Haha!"
"But the Mach 5 is not ready! Haha!"

Who is it you're quoting?

@chalupacabre Did you not actually watch Speed Racer? They all talk like that.

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