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While I'm new to this group but , from what I've read here , so far , It looks as though members have a better grasp of the English language , grammar , and punctuation , than other groups , in general . Is this due to higher IQ ?

Cast1es 8 Feb 4

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Capitalization can really change a sentence. For example:
I love to eat candy.
I love to eat capitalization.


Yes, in addition to being more educated, well read and thoughtful. Even very intelligent people can be prone to letting a "sky guy" think for them.



In general lack of religious beliefs is a trait of intelligence.

Liberalism is as well, so I would say that we have on average a higher percentage of liberals than conservatives in the group although I do know a few staunchly conservative atheists.


It’s actually that the rate of higher education is elevated in Atheist populations.


Yeah, man, we gots bunches of smart peoples here. All ya gots t' do is ask 'em.

Welcome, @Castles -- pull up a chair and sit a spell while we impress you with our high IQs and other things even more important.




I've seen a few stupid things, but 98% of the time your statement is accurate. I believe skeptics are generally more intelligent than others, so it may well be that we here have a higher IQ.

@WickedNicki -- I ain't seen nothin' stoopid here yet.


I don't know I'm dyslexic

Dyslexics have more fnu.

idneed tehy od


Hard to say if that's the case without knowing what other groups you're referring to. But my $0.02 is that you may be right.

Welcome to our little beach party! Bar's over there by the pool...


I really can't point to any one thing for all that. However, I do find that most of the people who frequent this site generally exhibit more skills in language, grammar, punctuation, and have an overall air of intelligence.
Even those who speak English as a second language are pretty clear when expressing their thoughts and positions. Granted, that's more the rule than the exception, but I can usually grasp what most posters are trying to say. It's really very nice to not have to decipher what people are trying to convey. I love this site!


Maybe greater anal retention? (Which need NOT take a hyphen!)

I enforce spelling/grammar for a living. But I never judge based on writing quality (unless they're ALL CAPS bros). So many people speak better than they write. Almost all my dating prospects felt early fear that I was the equivalent of an English teacher and would swipe left if they split an infinitive. Lovely spouse has never typed a capital letter without spell-check aid.

Any forum should encourage writing instead of restricting it.


All of them..


I would think so.


Reading this post hurt my brain.


Please... not again. But Welcome and may you enjoy and have fun in our little place. Just be yourself.

I gather , from your comment , "not again ," that this has been commented upon previously ? If you are seeing the same comment from different , unrelated sources , perhaps , there is a recognizable truth , readily visible , easily recognizable .

@Cast1es About this cast of characters feeling superior to any other cast?... on a weekly basis, no different than religious casts mind you... no different.

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