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Voting. Glorious this small act . I wanted to vote again and again. As candidates approached me I asked if they were R or D . When the R people spoke up, I asked them how they could represent such a bunch of thieves, crooks and science denying misogynist rascist.

People around me chuckled and laughed. He scooted his past ass away.

Bigwavedave 8 Oct 27

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There was a huge public perception that Hilary Clinton was a crook. OK, so they got a new crook but Democrats have got nothing to be self-righteous about.


@brentan If you lived in America, sounds like you would be a Republican. The perception about Clinton was caused by Russian interference with the election. They posted false accusations about her on FB, as well as videos of false information about her in TV commercial spots. Some misinformed voters voted for her because of all that. She still won the popular vote. I know her and can tell you she is not a crook. Instead she is a hard working intelligent woman whom initially joined politics in 1980 to make our country better for women and people of color, who do not have equality yet. She gave her life to help the people.

@sweetcharlotte Well, now we have a Democrat using fake news as a defence. I might be a Republican if I lived there. Goodness knows the choice is very limited. Nonetheless, I think the idea of me supporting the right has really sprung from my effort to be objective about a very polarised situation.

@sweetcharlotte I didnt want to waste my breath with him.

@Bigwavedave That's the typical leftie approach. Enjoy your echo-chamber.

@Bigwavedave Tried Messenger, but mine is not working this morning. I think this guy wants to fight about politics. I believe that is against our rules.

@Bigwavedave It feels like he's being a jerk. I'm going to block him.

@sweetcharlotte Ah, but I won't block you! That's because I'm not a leftie.


I am looking forward to my move to NC thanks to people like you, Dave. Maybe we can help move NC into this century!


YAY DAVE. GOOD FOR YOU ! Thanks for speaking for me too. I just may go to my poll in west NC on the 6th and recite exactly that phrase, although I already voted in Early Voting.

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