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If an omnipresent god existed it would be an atheist because it would have nothing to defer to. Comments?

Geoffrey51 8 Oct 27

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Wouldn't that thing believe in itself? Yes. Next question please lol


A Supreme Being would at the same time encompass all possible categories and transcend human-made categories like good/evil, real/fictitious, temporal/eternal... a/theist.


You are defining this hypothetical as an "omnipresent god."

Why would you assert he can not recognize himself as the omnipresent god?


The only way I can think one god might defer to another god is in Kabbalah, where the Jehovah god is a limited expression of the main god Ein Sof.


Well it would know that itself existed but it couldn't prove that there wasn't a higher being that created it so in that regard you are right.

Dietl Level 7 Oct 27, 2018

Gave up on "what if's" and "gods" questions a long time ago, waste of time.
But the answer is yes, it would not believe in a higher being

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